6 Design Trends of 2018

Get ahead of the game with all the know-hows on the upcoming year’s design trends!

1. Beiges, Neutrals & Grays Are Here to Stay

These tones complement any space and help them look light, airy and modern. Light wood tones such as birch and white oak work brilliantly to bring this palette together.

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M. Elle Design + Ken Linsteadt

2. Say Hello to Mr. Brown

On the contrary, dark shades of brown are also taking to people’s liking this coming year. Rich browns and earthy tones such as chocolate, espresso, camel, and rust are going to be spotted along side with forest green & midnight blue. This is the hot palette you will spot in 2018, when some will choose dark and moody over light and airy.

3. Mmm….Velvety Smooth

Yes, velvet furniture is already everywhere, and we are only going to be seeing more of it as the year progresses…after-all, who can say no to a texture that feels like you are sitting on cat’s fur?

4. 2-D is old school, 3-D is in

Tiles that either have an extra dimension, or create the illusion of an extra dimension are simply eye-catching and a great design feature in any kitchen or bathroom! Pair it with simple cabinets and you have yourself a beautiful composition.

5. Brave Metals

Brass & copper inlays, pulls & legs will be all over furniture and accents, paired with white, neutral and dark materials. This is a growing trend that brings warmth to any piece of furnishing, but it is also making it’s way to walls and floors now.

6. Fill Up Those Empty Walls

Clean barren walls are longing to be populated with appealing galleries, so go ahead and start compiling your favorite prints to come up with your unique composition.

Rushika H.P. is a licensed architect and principal of Hólos Architecture + Design in Florida. She focuses on pure, functional, and beautiful interior design solutions for the modern home and is passionate about furniture design, graphic design, photography and travel! For more design tips and trends subscribe here!

Written by

Architect + Principal @ Hólos Architecture + Design, www.holos.design

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