All About Styling With Pendant Lights

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The kitchen island at your home isn’t the only spot that can be transformed by the charm of pendant lights. Thanks to the creative designers of the lighting fixture realm, we are presented with the opportunity to create a stunning visual impact with endless possibilities. Available in a plethora of colors, finishes, shapes, and materials to choose from, we can achieve any look, from sleek and modern, to cozy and traditional.

Have you ever dreamt up a cozy spot you can curl up in with a good book and coffee in hand? Well of course you have! Transform your little reading nook with a pendant light or two to add that warmth and illuminance. In order to achieve that desired intimate scale of an alcove, mount the bottom of your fixture no higher than 5' off the floor.

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Is the grandiose of an elaborate chandelier too flashy for your taste? Switch it out for a carefully assembled cluster of pendant lights to create that unique yet subtle focal point over your dining table. Play with different sizes, colors and mounting heights to add rhythm, layering, and interest. Remember, 30"- 35" above the surface of the table is the ideal mounting height to achieve that cozy dining setting.

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Enhance your guests’ first impression with a statement making ensemble of pendant lights and set the ambience for the rest of your home. Double-height entries are especially fun! Creating a lengthened arrangement of staggering pendant lights or choosing one extra long fixture will visually elongate the space further, giving it more grandeur.

Foscarini + Pembrooke and Ives

Pendant lights are also ideal for use over your nightstand as an alternate to bedside lamps. Not only will this clear up some more table surface for use, it will also add a little wow factor to your bedroom. 30"- 35" above the surface of the nightstand is an ideal mounting height.

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Try something fresh and switch those wall-mount lights out for playful pendants to add a little character to your bathroom. Mounting them in front of a mirror will reflect light and make your space feel brighter. Make sure they are mount high enough to allow for standing clearance beneath, or a little lower if they are off to the side. Also ensure that they are either damp or wet listed when choosing your fixture.

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Pendant lights are great scale defining elements that can be dropped down and adjusted as necessary for any effect and height. Their versatility makes them suitable for almost any space in your home. Always remember to read product reviews before making any purchases, and do your best to stick with LEDs. When it comes to styling spaces with pendant lights, don’t be afraid to get creative. Play with heights, sizes, shapes, colors, textures and materials, and create your masterpiece!

Rushika H.P. is a licensed architect and principal of Hólos Architecture + Design in Florida. She focuses on pure, functional, and beautiful architectural & interior design solutions for the modern home and is passionate about furniture design, graphic design, photography and travel. For more design tips and trends, subscribe here!

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