How To Personalize Your Home To Echo Who You Are!

Everyone has a story to tell, and what better way to tell it than through your own home! Impress your guests with insights into yourself; let them act as teasers leading to great conversations that resonate with them. Here are 5 tips and ideas to help you get started with achieving that well designed ensemble. Let’s get that creativity wheel spinning!

1 | Document Your Travels

It’s always interesting to know where one has traveled to and talk to them about their experiences and insights. Now there are so many creative ways of doing this. You can finally put those mementos (museum tickets, subway passes, bookmarks, receipts, postcards) and photographs to artistic use! Make a collage, or laminated coasters, tear up your old passports and use those stamped pages, source a large map and use unique knobs as pins, display your travel sketches, make custom maps of cities you’ve visited! The possibilities are endless.

2 | Boast Your Heritage

Let the decor of your house reflect your roots and culture. My sister and I have really deep roots in both Uganda and India, so when I did her interiors, we went with a primarily neutral palette with clean minimalist furniture and lighting. We didn’t shy away from those bright poppy Indian hues and exquisite textiles though; they made subtle appearances in the linens, art and artifact pieces we selected as accents, as did the masks and weaved baskets of Uganda. It easily sets a mood and is a real conversation sparker.

3 | Celebrate Your Ancestry & History

Family trees are a great way to do this. Source all those old photos of great grandma Ruth and uncle Harry that you have lying around and put them to good use. Since family photographs usually span across generations, it is helpful to standardize them in proportion and color to achieve a clean and modern look. Convert all the images to black and white or sepia and use frames or name tags creatively to compose an interesting layout. Keep in mind the importance of negative space. Enough of it will help a composition appear clutter-free, so if you have a large family, the ample amount of wall space on a staircase, or in a hallway make them great candidates for this project. Imagine the attention this will grab on that thanksgiving dinner party! You can also choose to display precious knickknacks handed down to you in many possible ways, or anything else that tells a meaningful story from your past.

4 | Showcase Your Hobbies & Interests

Your hobbies and talents are a part of your identity, and they should reflect in your decor as well. If you are a shutterbug, create a wall with your work, fill up a shelf with your vintage camera and lens collection. If you are into playing an instrument, create an inviting corner with your instrument, a comfy stool, adorn it with photos of you playing or your favorite musicians, and perhaps some plants — because you can never go wrong with plants! If you are into fashion design, collect a few of your favorite fabric pieces, press them into some embroidery wood hoops and compose wall art. More of a sports person? Display your hockey sticks on a wall and form an interesting pattern, or suspend your surf board from the ceiling, even make a lighting fixture out of an old one if you are feeling extra creative!

5 | Feature Your Family & Friends

Know a friend who does insanely good calligraphy, photography, or illustrations? How about your own kid who is really into origami? Exhibit their talents and brag about what awesome people you are surrounded by! Not only with this encourage them, it will also ensure that the art in your house is one of a kind.

What else defines you and your family? Be creative, brainstorm! Your house is your canvas. Feel free to reach out to me with your ideas, I’d be more than happy to hear them!

Rushika H.P. is a licensed architect and principal of Hólos Architecture + Design in Florida. She focuses on pure, functional, and beautiful interior design solutions for the modern home and is passionate about furniture design, graphic design, photography and travel! For more design tips and trends subscribe here!



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Rushika H.P.

Rushika H.P.

Architect + Principal @ Hólos Architecture + Design,