blue sky ideation

New Warm Up Game

The warm up game I came up with is someone would say a word and then point at someone when they said it, and then the person who was pointed at needs to take the word that was said and say a new word that starts with the last letter of the word that was said. So if I pointed at Dave and said “Bird”, Dave would point at Sally and say “Dog” and Sally would point at Harambe and say “Gold” and so on.

I decided to go with this game because it really makes you listen to what was said before your turn, and make you think about the word that was said and then you need to think of a random word that starts with the letter. I thought this was a good warm up to listening and reacting to ideas.

Session Organization


Jerald- international student from Malaysia, majoring in chemical engineering, is a freshman. He is apart of the solar vehicle project and loves badminton.

Heyji- international student from Korea, majoring in architecture and is a freshman. She is on the dance team and enjoys a good bowl of Korean noodles.

Jonah- student from Madison, Wisconsin, who is undecided. He is also a freshman and is on the varsity ultimate Frisbee team.

Lauryn- A sophomore transfer student from Colorado State University. She loves hiking and cooking and is majoring in and undecided field within the college of education and human development.

The idea generation took place in my dorm’s lobby, which was reasonably quiet and had a large table. The lighting was somewhat dim and it was a comfortable 71 degrees.

I used my new game, the story creation game (once upon a time), and redball.

We generated ideas for 30 minutes. We came up with 76 ideas, however I was only half participating because I was also collecting ideas from people and stirring up the prompt slightly from time to time like Barry did in class. I did this by asking to think of the worst possible ideas instead of good ones, by asking them to write down three personas on a piece of paper, pass it to the left, pick one and generate ideas with that persona, and finally I told them that whenever they couldn’t think of something to draw to say rotate and everyone would get out of their chair and move to the left which would make them continue and improve upon the design someone else was working on.

IPM = 76/30/4.5(half of me) = .561 Ideas/Person/Minute

Sorting and Voting

Since I do not have the budget to spend on fancy 3M post-it notes and tape in general, we sorted things on the floor. We sorted everything silently like we were supposed to. I gave everyone five votes for saying something was really creative (star), and five votes to say when something was feasible (circle).

We have “Smart Desks” on the left and servant desks on the right
On the left is desks that connect to your mind, and on the right is structural desks
Left — desks that did something to help you, Right is geometry desks
Unhelpful desks on the left, Unethical desks on the right
Left is desks that supply food, right is desks that have animals

Individual idea generation

Sketch Ideas

individual idea generation 10/23

new warm up game 10/21

session organization 10/22

sorting and voting 10/22

sketch ideas 10/24