“Atop this plane lies a city, or something approximating a city, representing the meta-philosophical layer of the canon”

Higher education in America has become job training, and everyone knows it. Each field must constantly justify itself to the standards of the market, to utility, to a return of investment. Philosophy knows this well. It has become well-versed in justifying itself, now no longer able to set itself apart from the agora, to cloister itself in the monasteries, to lounge in aristocratic homes and their community of letters. Now it is in the spotlight, under the all-seeing eye of the university budget and its never-ending apparatus of metrics. All philosophy department web pages have grown a protective shell: a…

A handle on a sphere
A handle on a sphere
“All that we can grasp is what has been designed to be graspable, a handle on a smooth surface of impenetrability.”

The last thirty years have seen the integration of computers into almost every part of daily living. Computers are no longer specialist tools but everyday components of modern life, to the point where speaking of mobile phones as extensions of the self is almost cliche. This has not been an accidental development, but rather marks the culmination of years of research into human computer interaction. The dominant concept which has allowed the integration of the human and the computer is usability. Broadly speaking, the concept of usability tracks the transition of computer programs from systems to tools, from things to…


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