Have Fun in Monsoon With Your Kids

Monsoon reminds us of our childhood fun, playing in the rain, floating paper boats & dry leaves and watching them reach the far end of moving water stream. We splashed water all around and had merry. And yes, why our kids be any different? They do follow our footsteps albeit with natural instinct.

Kids, unlike us adults eagerly await monsoon just for the fun quotient it brings along. Just a whiff of it approaching and the faces light up brightly and their brain engaged in thinking of possible mischief or ways of enjoying. We adults heave a sigh of relief knowing the scorching summer is ending but then start worrying about the impending muggy weather. Kids, oblivious of what follows next, just ready themselves to jump right in and enjoy.

Let Kids be Kids

To enjoy monsoon, it is best to let the kids do what they are best at: enjoy the moment. We as adults should do our homework and stock whatever foods necessary to enhance the family get-together and then simply give in and join the fun together. Kids enjoy more when adults also join and try some childish moves.

The giggles, the laughter and shrieks increase the fun and when it comes for free, why miss it? And there is no harm if it enhances the familial bonding! After all these times are hard to find and missing out is just plain stupidity.

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