Twitter Has A Duty To Protect Consumers From @themidmerican @getongab. @safety @policy

Twitter has a big problem. There’s a campaign to cyber harass both Twitter and their customers that is being planned and run off with CEO of GAB, Andrew Torba’s knowledge and tacit consent.

The harassment campaign is organized by Ricky Vaughn, a neo nazi white nationalist who has been suspended multiple times. Mr. Vaughn has also taken to promoting the Daily Stormer (Stormfront), a nazi site, on

Lest you think this harassment campaign is a joke or not serious, Michael McClister began issues violent threats on twitter within days of the harassment campaign being planned.

Mr McClister heavily promotes Gab on his twitter account and is the Communications Director for Lone Conservative, founded by Kassy Dillon.

He has authored, “Twitter is dead, long live Gab” on Lone Conservative.

Kassy Dillon is an admin for gab and runs their twitter account, @getongab according to a source inside gab.

Why these people from Gab who are actively planning and engaging in a declared harassment campaign remain welcome on Twitter or on the internet remains difficult to ascertain.

It’s almost as if there are no laws or regulations in place and the internet is the Wild, Wild West with the most vicious predators ruling the day.

The consumers who wish to use both platforms, in peace seem to be the ones at most risk.

We can only hope that @jack will act to protect consumers who wish to use twitter to communicate in good faith and rid us of these vicious people from Gab who wish to spread their fascist ideology through terror and harassment.