How to rollout #govtech with minimal pain

A great philosophy for personal and organizational improvement. Photo by the wonderful #WOCinTechChat

A new approach to government software

Treat your staff to a concert with all the money you’ll not be spending on software.

CityGrows is a new approach to government software.

People ask: Is this for real…

Draw in candidates with online job applications

Offer youth a job application system they can complete anywhere.

It starts at the top

These are not the best people to help break the mold of gender and ethnic stereotypes. Here’s the article. Photo by

1. assume there’s a problem

Newsflash: you’re racist. Also, sexist. Also, many other discriminatory things like ableist and heteronormative. So am I. I don’t care if you have black friends or even a black spouse, I don’t care if you broke your arm one summer and that changed how you viewed disability rights — you’re…

Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean you’re bad at it

Adams Hall, former home of Bowdoin’s Medical School and its CS department. Rumored to be haunted, they found gross stuff when the building was renovated in 2008. Photo by Daderot.

CityGrows can help cities manage drone permits

Um, does this guy know what he’s doing? Photo via Unsplash

Homa Mojtabai

I have a public sector heart and private sector brain. Policy & biz dev @CityGrows, writerly stuff at Once & future public servant.

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