A beginners friendly, Automated phishing tool with 30+ templates.

Features :

  • Latest and updated login pages.
  • Beginners friendly
  • Multiple tunneling options
  • Localhost
  • Ngrok
  • Cloudflared
  • LocalXpose
  • Mask URL support
  • Docker support

Installation :

Just, Clone this repository-

git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/htr-tech/zphisher.git

Now go to cloned directory and run zphisher.sh -

$ cd zphisher
$ bash zphisher.sh

On first launch, It’ll install the dependencies and that’s it. Zphisher is installed.



Any actions and or activities related to Zphisher is solely yours.





Fix error 403 bypass for bug Bunty

To bypass the 403 error in the following ways

example.com/admin 403 forbidden

example.com/%2e%2e/admin 200 ok

example.com/admin/* 200 ok

example.com/admin/./200 ok

example.com//admin 200 ok

example.com//admin 200 ok

example.com/..;/admin 200 ok

example.com/,/admin 200 ok

Thank you for your beautiful look.



The dark web and deep web are hidden parts of the internet that you need to take special steps to access.

Websites uploaded to the dark web and deep web are not indexed in search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

These networks have their own search engines.

The best search engines:




Pompem is an open source tool, designed to automate the search for Exploits and Vulnerability in the most important databases. Developed in Python, has a system of advanced search, that help the work of pentesters and ethical hackers. In the current version, it performs searches in PacketStorm security, CXSecurity, ZeroDay, Vulners, National Vulnerability Database, WPScan Vulnerability Database ..