5 Useful Tips for Renting a Vacation Home

Finding a perfect holiday escape is a challenging task given that you have tons of option available online.

But, don’t lose heart as you can definitely treat yourself by securing the residence you want without breaking your budget if you do a little planning and research.

A local destination can offer you an excellent experience. But before you jump online and use your hard earned money for a vacation rental, you need to keep your emotions in check. Remember these points when booking your vacation rental.

Plan Early, Book Early

In this era of instant gratification, you may think, “why should I waste my time planning in advance?” Because vacation rentals, specifically the good ones, are booked quickly. And, if you don’t want to lose the reservation to someone else; you must start your search early, and plan your trip and book accordingly. This also saves you from paying any last-minute booking fees.

Consult Multiple Sources

It is always a good idea to consult multiple sources when hunting for a vacation home. You can get a perfect deal for yourself by talking to different people who have visited that place before and you can also get ideas by consulting different websites. HomeEscape is a great source for renting your dream property.

Read The Contract Carefully

This is often one of the biggest mistakes people make when they get their preferred vacation home; ignoring the contract. This can lead you to pay for something that you may not have bargained for. This document underlines the whole payment arrangement, and includes:

  • Utility bills
  • Internet/ Phone service
  • Cable
  • Cleaning/extra cleaning/housekeeping
  • Propane/gas — if outdoor grilling is available

To be on the safe side, you should consider having it looked over by a competent and licensed attorney before signing.


If you think that vacation homes are non-negotiable, you are wrong. Remember, you can always negotiate for almost every cost of a vacation home rental, from the depositing amount to the weekly or monthly rent. And, if the property isn’t booked yet, you have the upper hand in negotiating with the owner.

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Housekeeping Schedule

When you move to a different place to spend your vacation, it is important that you are aware of the housekeeping situation. Find out the housekeeping schedule and who is going to pay the bill. You should also find out about the condition of the property to make sure it fulfills your requirements.

The Bottom Line

Renting a vacation home need not be stressful if you conduct thorough planning and following the above tips. Advance planning can make your holiday more enjoyable and help ensure that you will are able to book the home you want at an affordable price.

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