Kent Cold Pressed Juicer — Best Juicer in India

In conventional juicers, juice is extracted through a process of high speed spinning which generates excess heat. The heat reduces the potency and breaks down essential nutrients and fibres. Retention of fibres, and nutrients juices from green leafy vegetables is very minimal. On the other hand, operating non-electric juicers is a very time consuming and tedious.

The juice is extracted by first crushing and then pressing the fruits or vegetables for maximum yield. The juice extraction technique works on low RPM (revolutions per minute), speed less than 100. It does not produce as much heat as produced by the conventional juicers. Hence it retains nutrients and fibres and gives more juice. It’s the perfect blend of health and taste.

The lower speed processing gives KENT Cold Pressed Juicer a distinctive advantage of low noise, making it quieter than conventional juicers. It is equipped with a powerful motor and a unique cup design, which results in faster juice extraction and a smoother outflow. The juicer comes with a special reverse action motor, which makes it easier to clear blockages and has a separate container for better pulp waste collection. It is the powerhouse to make a perfect health drink.

• Low-speed squeezing Retains essential natural nutrients.
• Cold Pressed technology retains essential fibres.
• No need to push the ingredients.
• Allows juice to flow quickly.
• Allows bigger pieces to be fed thus reducing chopping hassles.
• Body material made of food grade plastic.
• Easy to assemble and easy to clean.
• Reverse motor action to clean pulp blockages.
• User friendly functional design, safe and convenient for use.
• Low noise.
• Easy to operate.

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