How to create a cozy and inspiring living atmosphere

I started paying more attention to my surrounding and noticed certain changes within me

Welcome back!

As you are prepared for the big move or have already arrived it is time to talk about creating an enjoyable and inspiring atmosphere. Look around your room and pay attention to the following:

1. The way your furniture is arranged also known as ‘Feng Shui’

As the Cambridge Dictionary defines it Feng Shui is an ‘an ancient Chinese belief that the way your house is built or the way that you arrange objects affects your success, health, and happiness.”

Yes, you have heard right. The way you arrange objects within your room can either make you feel cluttered or completely inspired. Here is the reason why:

Your bed is representing yourself, your source of relaxation and often your safe spot when times are rough. Your desk represents your career path, your determination and success. Now imagine your bed standing in the middle of the room, surrounded by tall shelves filled with books and little to no source of light. How does it make you feel? Definitely not relaxed or calm. It is the same for your desk: facing the wall, with no space to organise will not help you feel inspired nor help you to be productive.

The golden rule of Feng Shui is the commanding position.

Try to arrange your desk and bed being in line with your door; not facing the door completely but also not have it in your back either. You should be able to turn sideways to see your door, to be able to create positive energy. At this point you might think it will turn into something spiritual? It will not. However, facing your window when working on your desk and being in line with your door will make great things happen!

2. Clear the Entrance / Hallway

Even if you hate tidying and decluttering, clearing the entrance of your room or the hallway facing your room will make a great difference in actually achieving your productivity goal. The ancient Chinese belief states that the way the energy is flowing depends on the condition of the entrance. A clean and tidy entrance means a positive and productive energy flow.

This is in line with keeping your room clean. No one can actually be productive when having to sit between empty cans of food or millions of post-its. I am telling you: there is no such thing as an organised mess and it will definitely influence the way you are working or studying which in turn influences they way you are feeling!

3. The Scent of Home

Depending on your mood it is always smart to be aware of your senses. Leading marketeers know by now how well you are being influenced by sensory experiences. Ever walked inside of a Lush store or even smelled their scent from far away? Yes, that is what I am talking about. Certain scents trigger specific memories which have been stored in the back of your brain and only are released when smelling a certain scent.

I do not recommend to go and buy all kind of good smelling candles, no. One or two can do the job, especially if they trigger certain actions or memories. In fact lighting a candle and setting the mood to either be relaxed or get stuff done can already put you in the right mindset!

4. The Source of Light

Lighting is one of the main essentials when it comes to the golden rules of interior design. It does not only influence your mood but also helps to bring your room to life.

“Proper lighting can drastically alter the atmosphere of your room, it can enhance the colours used in your decor, and it can even prove useful in marking different areas of your home. (Romanza, 2020)”

If you keep these in mind you are mostly likely to create a cozy and inspiring living atmosphere!

Welcome! We are here to help you build your very own home away from home. Stay tuned for insider tips on how to embrace being an overseas student.

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