Franchising with Home Blinds

Many dream of starting their own business. And, why not? Being your own boss and controlling your own destiny are extremely attractive. But, few have the necessary background and expertise needed to operate a successful business. And, there’s just no time for learning curves. Franchises offer the perfect solution.

Franchisors want you to succeed and make money. It’s logical. When you succeed and make money, they succeed and make money. It’s the proverbial “win win” situation.

The franchisor delivers a proven format for launching, managing and developing a profitable, smooth running business. The franchise gives you everything you need. It teaches you how to effectively run the business and gives you training and operation manuals, essential forms and supplies, and marketing materials. Most importantly, it provides support. There’s always person who will answer your question, a place to turn, and someone with whom to talk. And, best of all, with a franchise, there’s a lower risk of failure.

Home Blinds of America

If the idea, “how to start your own business,” is going through your mind right now, that’s fantastic. Right now, Home Blinds of America is looking for people who want to be their own boss and control their own destiny. Right now, Home Blinds is offering franchise window covering business opportunity Orlando, Florida.

Downtown Orlando drives Central Florida’s economy. It offers a world-class urban center with a rapidly increasing residential and retail development. There are overwhelming opportunities to sell Blinds, Shades, Drapery and Shutters. Home Blinds can help you be part of that market.

Home Blinds is a mobile, home-based window covering business. It sells and installs residential and corporate Shutters, Blinds, Shades and Drapery. Customers like shopping in their homes and office settings. It’s so much easier to match colors and styles that way, as opposed to a store, where’s there’s unnatural lighting. And, because there’s no rent or other costs involved with maintaining a storefront, its prices are lowest.

Reasons to invest in a Home Blinds Franchise:

• It will show you exactly how to be your own boss and put you in control of your income

• Its franchises have a high rate of success

• Its methods are proven and time-tested

• Free and total support

• Complete Training

• Annual Seminars

• Profit margins range from 40% to 60%, from gross sales

• Average gross sales range from $25,000 to 55,000 or more per month

• NO monthly fees or royalties

• Low overhead (as you conduct business from your home)

Advantages of a Home Blinds Franchise:

• High volume, vendor pricing

• Exclusive products from top manufacturers

• Income generated during training

• Turnkey operation

• All samples and supplies fit neatly into a car, SUV, or cargo van

• No inventory to manage

• Run your business from your home

• No previous experience necessary

Call Home Blinds of America today at 301–847–7000 to learn more about how to own your Franchise or go to:

Franchise opportunities in Florida, Buffalo New York, and elsewhere, too.

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