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Homebloc’s Origins

Homebloc recognizes that to do business you must create value. And of course, a home has value. Joshua Peng, a doctor in civil engineering, often told the following joke: “Elon Musk and NASA are marching straight into Mars real estate, but we still can’t afford a suite on Earth”. Despite it being a joke, this statement addresses several social issues. Peng, after designing buildings for New York’s top architectural firm, recognized that many people cannot afford their own home. He and many others in the housing and construction industry, can’t even get the chance to own or invest in a building they helped create. In America alone, more than 70 percent cannot even afford a home. And given the recent 2020 pandemic, that number continues to rise. So, in May 2018, Homebloc was first established in China.” …



Homebloc offers the most innovative solutions for the lodging and real estate industries while catering to investors worldwide; DLT makes it all possible.

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