Homebloc’s Origins

Homebloc recognizes that to do business you must create value. And of course, a home has value. Joshua Peng, a doctor in civil engineering, often told the following joke: “Elon Musk and NASA are marching straight into Mars real estate, but we still can’t afford a suite on…

Blockchain Live NYC was hosted by THEDEx and Lair East in order to facilitate mainstream adoption of Blockchain and digital assets through education and achieving consensus.

THEDEx facilitates exposure of established projects in Blockchain, A.I. and Big Data to help build community awareness while providing a favorable environment to meet…

Operation and Marketing

  • Homebloc joined the first global blockchain fashion-night cruise dinner in Shanghai Beach. It was held on October 25, 2019, and it was one of its kind where technology, fashion, and art collided with dazzling sparks.

Heavyweight topics were discussed on the cruise, such as distributed lightning storage…

Homebloc is eager to officially announce its Ambassador Program for those who share the same passion, and wish to expand our mission, to build brand awareness.

We are looking for businesses and individuals with established online and offline communities to expand our reach in an effort to build awareness. We are currently offering two ambassador programs; community leader and HOM advocate.

Seize the opportunity now and become part of Homebloc’s Ambassador Program.


Rewards for relevant tasks will be determined with each individual Ambassadors on a case by case basis. General activity, geography, frequency, and quality of engagement will factor in and determine rewards. Rewards will be distributed in HOM tokens.

To learn more about Homebloc, please visit our website www.homebloc.io and join our Telegram Channel.

The following article is an English translation from the Chinese “Thirteen Aunt” live broadcast interview’ notes.

“What made you choose an adventure in the blockchain industry rather than keeping your stable structural engineering career in New York?” — Thirteen Aunt

Dr.Peng ponders briefly and replies,

“Between absolute and uncertainty, I…

Operation and Marketing

The original inception of the foundation was in December 2017. CPCT plans to help the blockchain industry thrive while supporting global digital assets to operate in compliance.

CPCT pursues excellence through building first-class projects with international competitiveness. The foundation…


Homebloc offers the most innovative solutions for the lodging and real estate industries while catering to investors worldwide; DLT makes it all possible.

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