Being away from home is hard..

Especially if you live in the United States and you’re from another country — like Turkey. We feel this pain ourselves. Each time we go back home, we bring a bunch of goodies back to the states with us. Our favorite snacks, magazines… all the stuff that we can’t easily find here :/

Why must we go back home to have the goodies we love? Can’t we feel like we’re back home and enjoy the things we grew up with, all the time?

Yes, we can! That’s why we created Homebox :)
The very first Homebox we sent to our customers from Turkey in September’15

We are sending you a box of goodies you miss and love, every month. You can see the box we shipped earlier this month above. We’ve started with the Turkish community in the United States and so far people seem to love it! :)

We search for and curate different products from the best brands of your country. Our Homebox is a little surprise that will put a smile on your face every month.

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Our goal is to make you feel like you are home, wherever you live in the world. And we are excited to take the first step, today :)

Much love,

Team Homebox

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