Diseases make human’s life worse and they become unable to perform any daily life activities. There is need to be healthy mentally, physically as well as socially. In today’s world, mental health is also important for patients because they need regular motivation so that their health can be improved. Patients get irritated and feel more diseased when they are in hospitals. Well, you can get the same hospital care at home by taking the services from Home Care Assistance Service. We provide you both services, personal as well as professional. In personal services, you get the services to maintain daily life activities of the patient such as bathing and all whereas in professional care you will get the care from physical therapist or nurses. We have home packages in which our carer takes care of patient’s needs and his medicines. For more information, contact us or book an appointment now.


Before going on, we should know what is dementia? Dementia is a progressive degeneration of memory that leads to memory loss. A group of thinking and social symptoms that interfere with daily functioning is the another definition for dementia. As it is a chronic disease, it can last for years or lifelong. As it is an incurable disease, there is need to take care of patient even more. Well, it is incurable but treatment can help. Treatment can definitely make the patients better. This disease often occurs in the old aged patients and as you know, old aged patients need special care and assistance, that’s why we provide them the exact medication and complete their lifestyle needs.


Home Care Assistance Service comes with its unique ideas and supports mental health of patient’s. We provide you the complete service package that includes services like companion services, personal care services as well as the medicine professional services. We are the team of complete intellectuals who have the complete knowledge of the disease along with other things that patients need. We give you the services that a patient needs. For a dementia patient, there is need to maintain his hygiene as well as his environment. Along with mental health, the personal care is also necessary. We take care of all the daily life activities that one needs to do, for example: bathing, dressing up, homemaking and all.

A loved one who is suffering from dementia, it’s harder for us to see them getting disoriented day by day. It’s painful for the patient too that they are unable to do what they one did. So, in the difficult time of your loved one, it’s your responsibility to take care of them but maybe because of busy schedule or of another reasons you are unable to do. So, in the cases of that, it will be better for you to choose Home Care Assistance Service and give us an opportunity to show your love.

Home Care Assistance Service provides both professional as well as personal care services. We also provide nurses and physical therapist. From medication to the daily life activities, we take care of everything. Contact us or book an appointment now.