The Different Types of Wardrobes

For most of us, wardrobe is something that is not an option but a necessity. It can be considered the most essential part of the bedroom, after the bed itself obviously. And we all have our own kinds of requirements and preferences. We all need different types of wardrobes as well that suits our requirements as well as complements the ambiance or atmosphere of the room.

We need to consider the space we have for the wardrobe to be placed, keeping in mind that some space must be left in front of the wardrobe as well. We also need to consider the material, color, and shape and type of the wardrobe so that it would complement the theme, paint and color of other furniture in the room as well. As per your requirements and needs you can easily find customised wardrobes online as well as ready-made wooden wardrobes online very easily. Also there are different types of wardrobes that we can choose from.

Here are the three basic types of wardrobes.

1. Full Panel –Want your belongings neat and organized? Full panel wardrobe is the thing for you. The full panel wardrobes are designed in such a way that you are provided with a separate section for all your apparel sand accessories. You can easily store your accessories that are used frequently in an external drawer. And the apparels can be stored and organized in the main frame. It can be designed in such a way that the entire wall can be covered. This way you get a large wardrobe with multiple shelves, hangings and drawers to dangle, organize and store all the item of clothing of different shapes and sizes in a proper manner.

2. Free standing — The traditional free standing wardrobes are best if you do not have a proper space to get a whole wardrobe fixed or you do not want to spend much on a wardrobe right now. It can be easily moved around the room, if need be, and is also a good choice if you are living on a rented apartment. This way you can get the wardrobe moved as well along with you when you move out so that you do not have to but a separate wardrobe again. The main disadvantage of free standing wardrobe is that it doesn’t provide you with much usable space for clothing and accessories. Another thing is that sufficient space needs to be left in front for the wardrobe door.

3. Sliding — wardrobes with sliding doors have become increasingly popular nowadays. While giving your room a sophisticated look, it also tends to save a lot of space. As it has sliding doors, extra space is not needed in front of it, as is the case with wardrobes with regular doors.

4. Walk In — If you have heaps of clothes and accessories to organize and store, then buy a ultimate kind of luxury wooden wardrobes online. As the name suggests, it is so big you can actually walk in the wardrobe.