Top Benefits of Carpet Flooring for your Home in Everett, WA

Why Carpet Flooring?

Carpet Flooring is an ideal choice for comfortable, cost effective flooring solution. When it comes to replacing or installing new carpet flooring in your home, rental or office, at Home Floors & Remodel you will find variety of flooring options. Carpet flooring offers a number of benefits for your home or office.

1. Provides Comfort
 Carpet flooring adds comfort and style to your home or to your office. With softness and comfort of carpet installed in your home you will enjoy spending time with your family and friends, or simply relaxing and enjoying softness under your feet.

2. Reduces Energy Bills
 Carpet flooring provides extra layers of natural insulation to your flooring and warms up entire house reducing energy bills.

3. Improves Air Quality
 Carpet flooring improves air quality by trapping and reducing common household particles from a breathing zone. Proper cleaning and regular vacuuming of your carpet will remove the particles from the carpet keeping the breathing zone clean and improving the indoor air quality.

4. Provides Assurance of Safety
 Installing carpet flooring in your Everett home provides you with a safe flooring option to walk on. Soft and cushioned carpet flooring reduces the impact of a fall and proves to be slip-resistant. Carpet flooring assures you of providing a safe space for your family and loved ones, especially for a family with kids and elderly people and for people with disabilities.
 5. Reduces Noise

 Carpet flooring absorbs excess sound waves, which helps in reducing the transfer of noise within and between rooms. By installing carpet flooring you will reduce the sound of foot traffic and other sounds and echoes.

6. Proves to be Cost-Effective
 Compared to other flooring options carpet flooring is going to be the most cost-effective flooring solution for your home in Everett. Carpet flooring is less expensive in terms of installation, cleaning and maintenance.

7. Ease of Care
 Modern carpet manufacturing technologies use stain resistant fibers which makes cleaning process easy and hassle free. A damp cloth is all what it takes to remove about any type of stains from the carpet flooring. Regularly vacuuming and steam cleaning every 12 to 18 months, depending on foot traffic, will increase a lifetime of your carpet flooring and will assure you of clean air.

At Home Floors & Remodel you will find large selection of carpet flooring for your home or for your business in Everett, WA. Come to visit our showroom to find large selection of carpets and get professional advice from flooring experts for your perfect flooring solution. At Home Floors & Remodel you will find large selection of carpet flooring from Shaw, Mohawk, Dreamweaver, Kraus and other carpet mills that are soft, comfortable, durable and stain resistant. You will also find here a reliable and experienced carpet installation services for your home or business at an affordable price.

Call us today at 425–405–3647 or visit our showroom to find carpet flooring, commercial carpet or carpet tile in Everett, WA.

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