Food from one of the top 12 emerging destinations

Guyanese Chow Mein

Guyana is one of the 12 emerging destinations to visit this year. Guyanese cuisine is insightful of its diverse culture and its flavors that form Caribbean food. Many Caribbean food recipes have engrossed influences from various cultures, including Chinese, Arabian, European, African and East Indian. Personally the Guyanese food satisfy your soul with its flavour. Few Dishes that are a must try to understand Guyanese flavours are as follows

  • Peppper pot: It is the national Dish of Guyana. It is often served on all special occasions such as Christmas. Pepper pot is stewed meat that includes ingredients such as cinnamon, Caribbean peppers and a cassava root sauce called cassareep.
  • Metemgee: It is a popular Guyanese stew that often contains plantains, dumplings and yams. It may also contain cassava, and the broth is usually spicy and coconut milk-based. Metemgee may be served with cassava bread, another popular food in Guyana.
  • Guyanese chow mein: Best Chinese influenced dish in Guyana is Guyanese Style Chow mein, Guyanese-style fried rice is also common. Chow mein is a popular noodle dish in Guyanese cuisine and is given to us by the Guyanese people of Chinese descent. Chinese cuisine has an important place in Guyanese food culture as there are many wonderful ingredients and products that they use to make their food. Over time they have adjusted flavors and sourced local ingredients to make it their own unique fusion. There’s nothing else that tastes like a Guyanese-Chinese fried rice or chow mein, it just has its own special flavor.

Some popular beverages in Guyana include wine made from pineapples and peanut punch, which is a mixture of peanut butter, sugar and milk. Papaw milkshakes are made from papaya, and mauby is a spicy and fruity drink that is similar to root beer, made from tree bark.

To try actual authentic home cooked Guyanese food, find a cook near u and be a Home Foodie

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