Gimme That Old Time Politics

The Margaret Dumonts of the left hate what the Trump era has revived.

What people don’t get is that Trump is a reversion to the way of American politics of the early 19th century. Calumny, slander, and broadsides. It was virile, it was unconventional, it was the product of a revolutionary era, it was democratic in character. By the time Lincoln was elected, the admen were already firmly in the saddle. One of the biggest corporate lawyers in the US was sold as a railsplitter frontiersman. Yes, mythology was well in place even in the time of George Washington. But for a brief period we were rude, crude, and brazenly democratic. And, guess what? The Margaret Dumonts of the left, the champions of the common man, hate this. They had become accustomined, just like the RINOS, to the completely orchestrated politician. Pure theater beginning to end. Solemn, dreary, boring. This was what the media loved. The whole event was rigged start to finish. The main purpose of the press was to assess the the showmanship. They loved easy category candidates: the noble black man, the fiery feminist, maverick war hero, etc. All hooey, complete hooey. And, we bought it for years.