Strategic Satire

One does not laugh about anything as grave as nuclear weapons. Really?

Trump is, I believe, reducing nuclear power to a cock-length contest. Trump has total contempt for the elite of the “National Security Establishment.” He is taking all of these goons from Harvard with their courses in crisis management, war college simulations, degrees in minutiae of foreign policy, all their arcane wonkery, unzipping and micturating on high on them. Nuclear weapons, strategic weapons from the ship-of-the line to the ICBM are a cock-length contest, they have always been a cock-length contest. My girlfriend told me this in 1973. She was a smart girl. Trump is making nuclear power into a colossal joke. HORRORS. One does not laugh about anything as grave as nuclear weapons. Really? Kubrick put it all in sharp focus with Strangelove. Trump is a walking Kubrick satire. He has contempt for the simple things which have been magnified by interested parties for generations. They have convinced the citizenry that only they have the specialized knowledge to manage policy. Isn’t it beyond clear why the elite are now even daring to talk about offing him? He is destroying the illusions they have constructed for generations justifying their behind-the-scenes exercising of power. Only they have the training to do it, they want us to believe. RUBBISH. One could argue the Cold War was manufactured to justify control elites in the east and west. Maybe, in the best of all possible worlds, in about five years, Trump and Kim will be knocking back $1500-a-bottle champers and swatting each other on the back guffawing about where they were in 2017, and there will be a Trump Tower going up in Pyongyang.