Great brands for lawn mowers

Oct 29 · 1 min read
old lawn mower

There are many brands producing tools you can use on your lawn. Today we selected a few brands which are the go-to brands when searching for a lawnmower.


One of the most known brands is Husqvarna, the Swedish company which was founded in 1689 are producing lawn mowers for decades. On Homegearexpert there is a guide on riding lawn mowers, the kind of mowers they excel in compared to other brands.

Green Works tools

One of the youngest companies creating power tools for home and garden is Green Works. We recently featured one of their products as one of the top picks when looking for a push lawnmower.

Stanley Black & Decker

Originally founded as Black & Decker in 1910, the company evolved into Stanley Black & Decker in 2010. They have a huge catalog of hardware, accessories, power tools, lawn gear, and home improvement products built for a lot of specific use cases. On Homegearexpert you can find several products featured as top picks, for example in the article for mowing a small yard.


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