Do you want to check your new condo which is placed at Cambridge, contact our golden home inspectors:

Very Good Morning to everyone. Today we are going to discuss condo inspection. In our ancient world, people get more attraction on the condo even children. Becuase condo is more convenient and enhances their lifestyle. If you are going to buy new condo then you have come to right place. We recommend our Condo Inspection Toronto who is having more than 10 years of experience in the inspection and building services.

In a modern condo the electricity to run many of the necessary components of the system such as lighting, heating, hot water, appliances, and cooling system. There are so appliances require electric power, some existing condo and don’t have enough circuits to support modern electrical usage. A building constructed 10 years ago may not have the sufficient electric wiring also it does not support the today’s needs. The insufficiency electric service aggravated by condo owners. If we fix the appliances without upgrading the electric service then it leads to hazardous conditions. The electrical system consists of the wire, electric meter and meter pan, the circuit breaker panel, the outlets, switches, lights, and other electrical devices. Make sure that when you purchasing a condo the electric service to the unit needs to be assessed to determine if it is sufficient for modern electrical needs. There is happens some misconception that if a house has circuit breakers and has 100-Amp, 240-Volt service, it is sufficient. If a condo has large electrical loads such as air conditioning, swimming pool or other appliance such as a range, then 150-amp or 200-amp service may be required.

Are you going to buy a condo at Cambridge also are you looking a condo inspector in your near the place? We recommend our Golden Home Inspections company who is services an buyer’s inspection, seller’s inspection, condominium inspection, inspections for new home and post-purchase inspection etc. Our Condo Inspection Toronto services all over Toronto areas such as Ajax, Alliston, Balm Beach, Bowmanville, Brampton, Cambridge, Cobourg, Hamilton, North York etc.

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