Raspberry Pi 3 basic software setup

Once get hardware connected here is a list of installed applications, services and libraries as below:

  • [Removed] LibreOffice, Java IDE’s, Games, Wolfram tools
  • [Update]Raspberry Pi firmware update
  • [Added] Development libraries and frameworks: flask, flask-socketio
  • [Added] Video Framework: OpenCV 3.1 + shared tools compiled for the Python 2.7 in virtual environment, image & video codecs (lib-jpeg, lib-tiff5).
  • [Added] Web server: Apache2 web server with mod_python, mod_php5
  • [Added] Database: MySql database plus PhpMyAdmin web interface
  • [Added] Windows management tools: Putty, Eldos SFTP Client for Windows, TightVNC
  • [Added] Console management tools: Midnight commander, ntpdate