There is an uproar. The chants of those sodomed by the oppression are felt by millions. The waves of groups coming from the deepest and even unusual places determined to fight this cause. Immigrants from many Muslims countries are being withheld. The people refuse to take this and combine their strengths, work tirelessly, and have their own rights threatened — how sweet. No!

I wish this to be so many others and I. For those who are bagged down by living on the streets and beg to live a normal life. Wishing that we were cared about just that much. Our hard works and efforts to stop our tundra are noticed like the air that is breathed. Begging for asylum is never enough. Hopes are given up and we stay stagnant.

They get what we need the most. It is wonderful, but sad — atleast someone gets what is essential. It is what helps to make us sustainable. Oh! yearning, just for a piece. Our rights taken away silently, but openly.

Only if we were desired like the others. At a point it seems unreal. The innocent that are here not because of their own willing ways.

What makes us different when we are the same? We are not as important as we are told.