Is Wooden Pet House the right choice?

With so lots of dog houses on the market these days, it is pretty confusing as to which one would be the great fit for one’s dogs. There are so lots of factors to keep in mind, and one has to think about each and every thing from where and when one is going to use it, to the style and comfort level of the house and also how active one’s pooch will be when putting such house to use. Actually, this creates a bit aggravating experience when one is scrolling through hundreds of choices available that all sound the same. However, there are definitely few best options out there today, and we got our hands on on such. Time to review it.

With the product dimensions 131 x 100 x 94cm, package dimensions p1 = 89 x 11 x 71cm / p2 = 101 x 15 x 98cm, product weight 31kg, package weight 35kg, dog house dimensions 100 x 95 x 94cm, storage box dimensions 36.5 x 39 x 43.5cm, feeder dimensions 54 x 36 x 24cm, door Size (W H) 36 x 57cm, material Fir Wood and Acrylic surface paint, colour natural wood design, and weight capacity approximately 20kg, it is BINGO Wooden Dog House. We purchased it from HomeMart Store in Auckland.Though it sounds expensive, but it is worth it.

This wooden dog house is designed to be elevated to stay away from the very moist ground of one’s backyard or patio. It has a very spacious interior and the flat sturdy surface for placing some extra beddings to assure maximum comfortness and relaxation. The best part about it is that it comes with about two extra attachments. They include: two feeder bowls and storage compartments. The bowls are for food and water. On hinged top storage compartment, one can place one’s pet’s favourite toys or blankets in.

However, full assembly is needed and it is suggested to stain the dog house after set up. In Newzealand you can easily buy you pets accessories with you knowing store like or or and many more!!

It is a very durable home composed of sturdy resin construction. It comes with crowned floors. It is leak proof. It does a very great job of standing up against all the forces of nature, making it a best option for outdoor use. This is a truth that whether it is winter or summer, it is the ideal option. In the winter, it is going to keep the rain,, cold, and snow out and keep the heat in, whilst in the summer this wooden house is going to keep one’s pet very cool from the heat when it’s staying outdoors. The house has a light sea green roof and light brown bottom that makes up the house perfect, and the color and materials do not fade over time.

Rating: 5/5. It is great. Though it is going to be your pet house, but it will be a wonderful addition to your show pieces.

For your pet’s smile, say a huge “yes” to it.

Happy living!




Shop Online through HomeMart is an Online store which provide their customers all Items in Auckland Newzealand.

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Shop Online through HomeMart is an Online store which provide their customers all Items in Auckland Newzealand.

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