Buy TENS Machine Australia and Get Complete Freedom from Body Pains

It is often found that in our daily life we encounter an injury every now and then. Well, give the fast paced lives we lead, the reasons are not too hard to find. Mostly these injuries cause us pain and sometimes, these pains take a long time to leave and with every passing day the pain becomes increasingly excruciating. These types of pains often render us incapable to doing our everyday work with the same amount of efficiency and sometimes they often go on to impede our movement. If you live in any major city in Australia, you would probably know what I am talking about. Even if you a comparatively smaller town, even then chances are you have encountered such a pain and you know what it feels like. Sometimes, these pains would not go easily. They stay for a prolonged period of time and it seems like we have become a perennial victim in its hands! No matter what we do, the pain shows no signs of going or even diminishing. But now such pains are a thing of the past. Modern medicine has come up with a revolutionary new technology called TENS which is found to be highly effective in treating such ailments.

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What is TENS?

TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a technique where electric current is used to stimulate the nerves of the human body for therapeutic purposes, especially to treat pain. Usually the electric current is either passed at low frequency (<10Hz) with an intensity that causes muscle contraction or at high frequency (>50Hz) with an intensity below muscle contraction.

How Does a TENS Machine Work?

A TENS Machine generally comes with a control unit and pads containing electrodes wired to the control unit. You just need to place the pads on the specific areas of your body and then choose the appropriate settings on the control. The unit would send electric impulses which would be transferred to your nerves with the help of the electrodes. After regular use, the pain subsides and you get complete and permanent freedom from the hands of pain.

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What is the mechanism of action?

Simply put, TENS blocks the pain signals going from the nerve endings to the brain. If the brain does not get the nerve impulses, it does not ‘feel’ any pain. Therefore, a TENS machine makes the brain capable enough not to feel the pain of the injury. TENS also stimulates the production of endorphins which is a natural analgesic with no side-effects.

Where to buy TENS Machine in Australia?

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