Browse Rent To Own Homes in Allen, TX Are you looking for a rent to own house in Allen? If so, then browse the featured listings on this page, or signup to access our complete guide and listings for all lease to own properties in the Allen area. Click the link below to access the listings! Featured Rent To Buy Houses in Allen, Texas Browse the following featured properties in the Allen, Texas area, or click the link on this page to get access to the complete listings for Allen rent to own houses. How Rent To Own Real Estate Works Also known as a lease option, rent to buy homes are a type of owner financing tor real estate properties. While the terms of the agreements can vary from house to house, the typical scenario is one in which the owner is looking to sell the property but is willing to accept payment over a period of time, rather than an up front settlement. In this case, the buyer and seller both agree on the selling price of the home, and the terms of the purchase agreement, specifying things s
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