The exchange between the reporter and Gingrich, presented as “typical Republican war on facts”…
Daniel Dover

Daniel Dover — Let’s see if I got this right from you, Gingrich is correct feelings are more important than facts (or reality) but we shouldn’t be worried because as “you” read the facts — well they’re nuanced, and they don’t count anyway, and the people should be “educated” — so how do you educate people who only believe in “feelings” — - that word nuanced, do you really mean facts are irrelevant, it’s feelings that really count.

Take a look around the USA — - commercials, advertising, propaganda, mega-church’s fleecing their followers. How are you going to educate the people that fall for all that “Feeling” — - you’ve obviously given up on “Facts” — - now what?

But could you please further explain nuance, in other words can lies be nuanced, and can feelings be nuanced?

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