Bear, Bolshevik, buffoon, spy: The American tradition of fearing Russia
Meagan Day

Why is it that some people think that when they write about American Popular Culture and it’s views about a foreign country that somehow we are being informed about politics, history, foreign relations, etc.

Well this is the typical American tripe that is written for exactly what audience — - People magazine “intellectuals” — - does anyone read anything but Twitter feeds.

Unfortunately the world is a dangerous place with countries that have “really” “scary” weapons and scary dictatorships. And we need to know the realities of the world not this shallow tripe.

Russia has been historically a land whose rulers essentially made war on its own people. Putin is in that long line of despots who has had people murdered to shut them up. Let ‘s take one example from Russian history, one of the “Greats” as they call them — - Tsar Peter the Great, the famous modernizer of Russia.

He lured his own son back from Europe, the son had run away from his father for good reason, and the son and anyone who had befriended him were arrested. they were tortured made to confess to ridiculous plots and then tortured to death. Welcome to Russian history!

Russia’s rulers remain virtually the same through out history. Thus I suggest that people take a good look at what “Russia” is really about not the popular culture image of ignorant Americans who seem oblivious of history in all its forms. Maybe read one of the those Russians who were killed for their research and for telling the reality of Russia — - like Anna Politkovskaya who was a journalist, writer, and human rights activist. Killed in 2006 by assassins to shut her up. There is a certain consistency to Russian political systems and it ain’t pretty,

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