Pinched Nerve in Neck Symptoms , Treatment Cure Pinched Nerve, Neck Pain

Pinched nerve: these symptoms occur.

When a nerve is pinched, the symptoms occur suddenly and sometimes violently. The trigger can be a simple motion, for example a twist in the back, an arm movement or the handle to an object.

Is irritated a nerve, sending pain signals to the brain. Burning occur to stabbing pain, which can be very strong, possibly amplified by more movement and sometimes radiate to surrounding areas.

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Pinched nerve: symptoms depend on the type of the affected nerve

The main function of nerves is the line signals, the so-called conduction. Based on these signals, our brain tells the muscles to contract (to contract), for example, to lift an arm. Nerves, which transmit these signals, are referred to as motor nerves (nerves of the muscle). Nerve endings of sensory nerves (sensation nerves), which are located in the skin, the brain tells for example, that a contact has taken place. A nerve is pinched, it comes to errors of the conduction to complete failure. The symptoms of a pinched nerve thus depend on the nature of the affected nerve: paralysis occurs when motor nerves are pinched, numbness and other abnormal sensations, when sensitive nerves are affected. Typical sensory symptoms are a feeling of numbness or tingling, “like when a limb falls asleep”. The conduction of a motor nerve is completely interrupted, more arrive no signals in the muscles, the result is a temporary paralysis.

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Each nerve has a so-called coverage area, so a specific area, which it supplies with signals, or from which he receives signals. A nerve is made up of many individual nerve fibers. Much like the roots of a tree, can often divide the nerve thereby making so an extensive information network. Depending on where the nerve is pinched, the symptoms in those areas, which are below the damage occur.

Pinched sciatic nerve can cause symptoms on the whole leg

The sciatic nerve, for example, is a bundle of thousands of individual nerve fibers. The bundle divides into the lumbar area and each leg is powered by a bunch of its own. Inside the legs, the fibers spread out further. The sciatic nerve is pinched by a herniated disc, can experience the symptoms from the waist down, over the entire leg, to the toes. Pinched a nerve when a herniated disc in the cervical spine can cause symptoms in the arms or in the face. Because in a carpal tunnel syndrome, pinched the nerve at the wrist, fingers experience the symptoms mainly in hand respectively.

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