Reviewing Smoke And Fire Damage Restoration

William Paschke
May 17, 2019 · 2 min read

In the US, smoke and fire damage presents a greater risk if it isn’t managed quickly. Older properties that were constructed prior to the 1980s could contain asbestos building materials. After a fire, the materials present an increased risk if they aren’t managed properly and eliminated. Reviewing smoke and fire damage restoration with contractors near me shows property owners what to expect during the services.

Conducting a Full Inspection of the Property Damage

After a fire, the insurance provider requires a complete inspection of the property. The owner has the option of allowing the claim adjuster to conduct the inspection alone or to hire a contractor. Hiring a contractor gives the owner a chance to get a more thorough inspection and ensure that all damage is included in the claim.

Creating Details for the Claims Adjuster

The contractor creates a property damage report for the insurance provider with images of the damage. The contractors keep copies of all images and the report. The secondary copies are necessary to cover any potential legalities that may arise. The contractor’s estimate for services is added to the claim. The estimate is itemized to include all services needed to restore the property.

Removing All Damaged Materials

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After the claim is accepted, the contractor starts removing all damaged materials. The building materials are placed in a dumpster provided by waste management services. The contractor follows any EPA regulations that apply to the damaged items, such as wrapping mold-covered materials in thick plastic and labeling them. To learn more about remediation and home siding repair, contact a contractor now.

Cleaning and Sanitation

The contractor completes all cleaning and sanitation required for the property. If mold was found, the contractor sprays all mold covered materials with chemicals to kill the mold. It is necessary for the contractor and their team to use appropriate cleaning supplies to remove the hazard from the home.

Restoration Opportunities for the Property Owner

The contractors provide restoration services according to the property owner’s insurance policy. If it provides changes to the original floor plan, the owner can make these changes. If not, the property must meet the exact specifications of the original floor plan.

In the US, smoke and fire damage restoration services must follow Environmental Protection Agency regulations and building codes. Contractors work closely with inspectors and insurance providers when completing the projects. Property owners who want to learn more about restoration options or siding installation services can search Contractor Connection for more details.

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