Ways to Save Money While Renting

It is very special feeling when you are living on your own space, it feels like winning a lottery, but after sometime you realize that it will disturb your budget. Rent, food, monthly expense, etc. are easily taken away by the fun of independent right out from the wallet. So below are some tips which can be helpful to you and save some money:

Add roommates

By adding roommate you can split your monthly rent and extra home expenses, through this way you can easily save your money and will not affect your pocket. By the splitting the expenses like rent, groceries, bills, etc. will become smaller. Today several renters are searching for their roommates and it became today’s trend to live with a roommate.

The Middle Floor

It is very good to get middle floor because it will become warmer in winter and cooler in summer, but it is bit nosier. Living between two floors like between 1st & 3rd floor, are become nosier because noise will come from both floor 1st & 3rd. But during summer and winter season, it will become beneficial because in

summer you are away from direct sunlight which is make an effect on top floor and make it more warmer but your middle floor will stay cool. And during in winter middle floor will remain warm in whole winters because 1st become warmer because direct sunlight and 3rd home owners will use heaters to make it warm, so you will covered from warm rooms both side, and your floor will remain warm.

Save Electricity

If you can, please shut down the lights, electronic appliances, thermostat, etc. when you are out and not present in the home to save the electric bills. You should invest in power strips for your electronics so that you can switch off everything at once. You should change the lightening’s and fittings because old wire was damaged and burned from several points so you may change them and change lightening’s too because fluorescent light bulbs will reduce electric bill, it consumes less electricity then other standard incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent light bulbs are 10 times longer and consume 75% less energy in comparison to standard incandescent bulbs.

In several countries most electric production companies will charge more rates during peak hours of day time and less in night, so you may use heavy electric consumption appliance during night like dishwashers, washing machine, etc.

Bulk shopping

You should do shopping or buy in bulk but only those things which can store for a long duration, like toilet papers, soap, pasta, bulbs, etc. which are of daily use. You should buy perishable goods in bulk otherwise you should consume it immediately and make a loss. You do bulk buy with your friend, so you both can split the amount and get the discount.

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