Gender and Race Distribution in the Current Digital Age

As we examine the stats outlined here pertaining to the high school to tech career pipeline broken down in percentage aggregate in total gender distribution, ethnic groups’ distribution and related gender distribution for each of the six categories below:

All US 18-Year-Olds: 51% male, 49% female; European Americans 55%, males 28.3%, females 26.8%; Hispanics Americans 22%, males 11.2%, females 10.6%; African Americans 14%, males 72%, female 7%; Asian Americans 5%, males 2.5%, females 2.4%; others 4%, males 2.1%, females 2%.

High School Grads with STEM interest: 49% males, 51% female; European Americans 60%, male 30.4%, female 29.9%; Hispanics Americans 16%, male 7.6%, female 8.3%; African Americans 13%, male 5.7%, female 6.9%; Asian Americans 6%, male 2.9%, female 2.9%; others 5%, male 2.6%, female 2.7%.

High School Grads with STEM Interest Who Meet Math/Science Benchmarks: 54% male, female 46%; European Americans 71%, male 38.4%, female 32.2%; Hispanic Americans 12%, male 6.4%, female 5.2%; African Americans 5%, male 2.4%, female 2.5%; Asian Americans 8%, male 4.1 %, female 3.9%; others 5%, male 2.6%, female 2.3%.

College Grads with Degrees in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Information Sciences: 81% male, 19% female; European Americans 64%, male 52.7%, female 10.9%; Hispanic Americans 8%, male 6.4%, female 12%; African Americans 5%, male 3.5%, female 1.2%; Asian Americans 22%, males 16%, female 1.9%; others 2%, male 1.9%, female 0.5%.

Tech Employees: Professionals and Technicians: 76% male, 24% female; European American 55%, male 3.4%, 11.6%; Hispanic Americans 6%, male 4.4%, female 1.4%; African Americans 3%, males 2.4%, female 1.1%; Asian Americans 34%, males 24.5%, female 9.3%; others 2%, males 1.5%, female 0.6%.

Tech Employees Executive and Managers: 75% males, 25% female; European Americans 67%, 50% male,16.6% female; Hispanic Americans 5%, 3.5% male, 1.3% female; African Americans 2%, 1.7% male, 0.8% female; Asian Americans 24.7%, 18.2% male, 5.8% female; others 2%, 1.1% male, 0.5% female. (Source: Wired magazine November 2015)

As we also examine stats outlined pertaining to gender and race distribution/diversity; also broken down in percentage aggregate in total gender distribution, ethnic groups’ distribution and related gender distribution for each of the seven top tech companies listed below:

Pinterest, 58% men, 42% women; 49% European Americans, 1.3% African Americans, 43.4% Asian Americans, 2.3% Hispanic Americans, 4% others.

Amazon, 63% men, 37% women; 60% European Americans, 15% African Americans, 13% Asian Americans, 9% Hispanic Americans, 3% others.

Apple, 69% men, 31% women; 54% Europeans Americans, 8% African Americans, 18% Asian Americans, 11% Hispanic Americans, 9% others.

Google, 70% men, 30% women; 60% European Americans, 2% African Americans, 31% Asian Americans, 3% Hispanic Americans, 4% others.

Facebook, 68% men, 32% women; 55% European Americans, 2% African Americans, 36% Asian Americans, 4% Hispanic Americans, 3% others.

Intel, 70% men, 24% women; 54% European Americans, 4% African Americans, 32% Asian Americans, 8% Hispanic Americans, 2% others.

Twitter, 70% men, 30% women; 59% European Americans, 2% African Americans, 29% Asian Americans, 3% Hispanic Americans, 7% others.(Source: Fast Company magazine November 2015)

Let us take a current look at downtown Fresno. The mothership branded as Bitwise South Stadium has landed and their goal is to change the above statistics locally and to create a new millennial-centric tech scape in this section of downtown Fresno.

This mother ship is different from the tech companies in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles which are predominately male and European American. In contrast, two out of the three founding members are Hispanic Americans and one is female.

Bitwise Industries, their parent company, vision is to facilitate technological education, collaboration and innovation in the central San Joaquin Valley by creating a global technology hub in downtown Fresno.

Their construct will be realized by the following divisions of their techscape: (1) Hashtag, a 24 hour “collaborative workspace” for techies and millennials who pay a nominal fee for a workspace and related networking opportunities. (2) SHIFT3 Technologies, a software development division which matches corporate projects for freelance developers thereby giving them income and experience. (3) Geekwise Academy which equips students with a technical training program in six-week courses building skills they need to compete for a job. Geekwise Academies are also on high school campuses including Edison High, University High and the Phillip J. Patino Entrepreneurial High School. (Source:

Bitwise Mural District has 28 startups in their building located at 220 San Joaquin Street. Bitwise South Stadium has 40 technology companies in their historic newly renovated building at 700 Van Ness. Fresno State University and Fresno Pacific University will have instructional space in this building offering classes to pre-millennials, millennials and post- millennial students.

Bitwise Industries has created a local and ethnically diverse technology platform and techscape that will train and support the new digital labor force in the central San Joaquin Valley.

Homer Gee Greene Jr.

Business Manager

ScholarDev LLC

Revised: 12/3/2015

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