Divided by meaning
Chris Arnade

Dear Chris,

I live in a college town in Appalachia. This college converted me from a back row kid into a front row kid, and now my kids are front row kids, too. Our town has pushed the trailer parks out into the county and replaced them with condos for rich white college kids, and meanwhile local businesses can’t find anyone willing to wait tables or stock shelves, so they fold and the chain stores take over, and they contribute next to nothing to the local economy, so the schools get worse, and they blame the parents of the back row kids. The thing is, when the oceans turn to acid and storms wipe the world’s coastal cities off the map and dry up the grain fields, there won’t be cheap goods from China, or food in the grocery stores, and the back row kids stand a much better chance of surviving. Maybe we should stop calling them deplorable.

Thank you for your words and pictures.

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