The Struggle Continues… and I Am Not Okay
Jessica Crowe

Dear Ms. Crowe,

You are so right. We are not okay, and those of us who have woken up can never go back to sleep, and we must wake up the others, too, starting not with the corporate Democrats, but with everyone else, because then we will have a majority, and even if we can’t have a person with integrity in the White House, we can refuse to watch mainstream media, we can refuse to eat Franken food, we can refuse to shop at big box stores. We can show up at our PTA and Town Council meetings, and we can research environmental impacts of pipelines in our public libraries. We can send letters through the U.S. mail. We can walk and bike and ride the bus, depriving the oil companies of their dominion over us, and if we do drive, we can offer rides to others who don’t. We can plant our victory gardens and our orchards and share, share, share, depriving toxic capitalism of its fuel. We can make eye contact with each and every first responder, police officer, soldier, and sailor we see and thank them for their service, so they will know they are serving and protecting us, not the corporate overlords.

And you especially should keep writing so we will remember that freedom isn’t free and isn’t for sale, either. You have a beautiful heart. Thank you.

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