Donald Trump Is Not Going To Win.

Fellow citizens: this is an urgent message from the future. Donald Trump is not going to win. The next president has already been determined. Do not let yourself be distracted by the constant barrage of outrageous things he says. I know, I know, that’s like telling you not to look at the gory accident on the side of the highway, glass and blood and cars flipped upside down, but if you keep staring at that, you’re going straight off a cliff. Whatever disaster you’ve seen in the media. or perhaps even survived, this is going to be so much worse. Believe me.

You care about human rights, and you want to protect people. Am I right? In my timeline, there are no human rights. There are haves and a lot more have nots. Protect the rights you have now, especially your right to clean water. Do not let corporations frack your land or drill on your coasts or put your town’s water in plastic bottles to sell for profit. Do you think the endless war in the Middle East is about oil? It’s not. It’s about water, and it’s about to get a lot worse.

You think big government is the problem, but you are going to miss the EPA. And national forests. And the Post Office. (Hint: email is going to cost a lot more than 47¢ a message.) And unless you are rich, Homeland Security won’t be protecting you. Appalachia, don’t assume you are safe. Those storm surge refugees have to go somewhere.

So please: turn off the television and stop checking your phone 70 times a day. Donald Trump will flame out when he’s served his purpose without any help from you.

A maintenance worker continues clean-up efforts about 15 miles outside Williston, North Dakota January 22, 2015. Nearly 3 million gallons of saltwater and an unknown quantity of crude oil have leaked from a North Dakota pipeline into a creek that feeds the Missouri River, by far the largest spill of its kind in the state’s history, officials said. REUTERS/Andrew Cullen (UNITED STATES — Tags: BUSINESS ENERGY COMMODITIES) — RTR4MJOM