“The most human company wins.” -Mark Schaefer

I’m a big fan of Mark Shaefer. I read his book “Marketing Rebellion” and was instantly enchanted by his message.

His emails link me to posts on his website. His articles stress the importance of customer engagement.

How can you keep the humanness in your marketing? Mark’s latest directive is simple. “Hire some real people, folks.”

That seems impossible for small businesses and mom-and-pop shops just trying to stay afloat while they simultaneously wear all the hats in their company. …

Surf with the word travel written in the wet sand.
Surf with the word travel written in the wet sand.


You’ve retired, and the squares on your calendar are finally empty. No more meetings. No more commuting. Your time finally belongs to you.

Before, your life was filled with work schedules and shopping lists, demands and deadlines. You barely had time to enjoy living.

But now, you’re ready to experience a different way of life.

Imagine your new calendar showing entries for exotic ports of call, thrilling adventures, gourmet foods, and rich historical experiences. Imagine living your life exactly the way you want.

Instead of letting a hectic schedule rule you, now you get to decide where you’ll go…

I want to start a new trend. Won’t you join me?

A short backstory:

Ages ago, when I was homeschooling my two kids, I was deep into Victorian traditions.

Family gatherings, homemade meals, handmade crafts, and handwritten letters were foremost in my mind. Each week, I set aside time to include all of the above into our routine, but my favorite was the hour I sat at my desk and wrote letters.

At my clean desk, address book at the ready, colorful stamps that fit whatever season surrounded me, I drifted into my Zen zone and began to scribe.


Is It Possible To Homeschool My Kids If I Have To Work?

One of the most heartbreaking replies I hear when talking to parents who want to homeschool is “I can’t, I have to work.”

But what if I introduced you to several moms who are successfully working full- or part-time and making homeschool succeed for their families?

I surveyed a lovely group of homeschool moms to find out how they pull off this seemingly impossible combination of bringing in an income while educating their kids at home. Check out how they’re doing it!

How Long? How Many? What Ages?

Beverly Matoney, Homeschool Copywriter

Veteran homeschool mom connecting homeschoolers with educational products through persuasive copywriting and informative content. homeschoolcopywriter.com

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