Swimming is one of the best workouts for adults. The sense of weightlessness you feel in the water can help you relieve aching muscles and stiff joints with more gentle resistance than “terrestrial” gym exercises-plus swimming is also great cardio!

However, just logging laps can be somewhat dull. And, what’s more, not everyone has the stamina or time to make that type of solitary aquatic activity count.

A better way to get fit in the pool is to try water aerobics-typically as part of an instructor-led class like those we offer here at Homestead Village in our modern 26' x…

At Homestead Village, we know how important a healthy body is for living your retirement life to the fullest. Just because you’re retired, it doesn’t mean you should keep yourself from doing anything active in your free time. In fact, now is the perfect time to start moving! We offer several healthy activities that you can choose from when living in our community, but one of our favorites is our tai chi classes.

What Are the Benefits of Tai Chi?

In a study published by the Journal of Alzeheimer’s Disease, a clinical trial proved that tai chi exercises increase the size of the brain and enhances memory…

As we continue to learn and grow as a community here at Homestead Village, we identify new initiatives to support the continuous growth of our Residents’ physical and emotional well-being. Part of this process is defining what it truly means to achieve wellness and live a happy, fulfilled life in retirement. This is embodied in our THRIVE WHERE YOU ARE® initiative.

More than a tagline, this concept is a philosophy and a guiding principle for how we provide life-enhancing services to our Residents within our comprehensive Life Plan Community.

Originally published at https://www.homesteadvillage.org on June 28, 2019.

There are multiple scales used by memory care specialists to classify cognitive function in order to reach a dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis. While these rating systems use different terms and numerical values to quantify the stages of memory loss, they are similar and essentially break down to mild, moderate, and severe forms of loss in early, middle, and late-stage dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Today’s post reviews the “Big 3” most common testing scales that caregivers, family members, and medical personnel employ to better understand the different stages of cognitive decline so that the best possible memory support strategies can be put…

It’s no secret that exercise is essential for all age groups. Exercise is vital to maintaining good physical and mental health, lowering the risk of heart disease and diabetes, reducing blood pressure, improving bone strength, and lessening many other health risks that benefit from a good exercise regimen. As you age, staying limber is even more important as bones and muscle mass begin to deteriorate and other health problems appear.

For older adults, exercise is a way to reduce the risk of falling by improving core muscles, abdominal muscles, and overall bone and joint health. At Homestead Village, we’re always…

With the opening of our new Memory Care household, Harvest House, earlier this year, memory support has been top of mind for many members of the extended Homestead Village family so far in 2019.

If you have a loved one who is experiencing memory loss or someone in your life has received a diagnosis of dementia (whether generalized or related to other diseases like Parkinson’s) or Alzheimer’s, it is likely true that questions about brain health and memory have frequently been occupying your thoughts, as well. Know that you’re absolutely not alone, and we can help.

In that spirit, today’s…

When people think about campus-based retirement living organizations like our Life Plan Community here at Homestead Village, they often focus on the variety of housing and care options available. But innovative accommodations and a safe, friendly environment are far from the entire story about what makes Life Plan communities so popular and unique.

Homestead Village is fortunate to be located in the middle of a wealth of interesting and exciting adventures to explore. Enjoy historic battlefields, museums, nationally recognized gardens, world-class orchestras, Broadway and Off-Broadway plays, our nation’s capital, and colleges and universities that offer engaging continuing education. …

A diagnosis of dementia (whether generalized or related to other diseases like Parkinson’s) or Alzheimer’s is scary for many patients, though it also causes stress and uncertainty for loved ones. No diagnosis exists in isolation, and potentially dozens of other people may be affected when a single patient’s need for memory care is confirmed by a doctor.

How do spouses, children, siblings, and other people closest to an Alzheimer’s or other dementia patient cope with this new reality for their loved one?

You will naturally have many questions, and you may even experience a sense of grief as you would…

If you’re like many people who are nearing retirement and own a home that you’ve lived in for more than a few years, you know that homeownership is demanding — physically and emotionally. At times, it can almost be like a full-time (non-paying) job, too, between lawn care, regular cleaning tasks, and dealing with all sorts of things breaking and wearing out over time.

Maybe you’ve recently begun downsizing and decluttering, and you’re starting to think it’s time to move to a newer or smaller or generally more convenient home than your current one.

The good news is that now…

If you’re like most Americans, you own too much “stuff.” And you’ve probably taken steps over the years to accommodate that stuff in your home, like buying bins, totes, and shelving units and expanding closet space or other storage areas. Maybe you’ve even rented an off-site storage unit.

When you think about it, spending money to keep excess items stockpiled out of sight is a little silly. And it probably makes you feel unhappy or uneasy, too. …

Homestead Village

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