Glimpse on Traditional Homesteading Skills

Homesteading culture has been deemed to be obsolete in the presence of more advanced amenities, but it doesn’t mean that the homesteading skills and products have lost their value. A lot more good can be earned by the use of such traditional homesteading skills

Here are the most important traditional homesteading skills that can be incorporated in our daily lives as well :

Medical Skills : With the advent of modern technology we always run to a nearby doctor or a pharmacy in case of minor injuries as well. But minor injuries can be sorted out with tons of home methods. Natural oils, salves, tinctures are all home –made and are made by own hands used to treat small headaches, stomach aches. The use of these organic ailments proves to be very beneficial today as well.

Hunting Skills : Hunting for food is a very cost effective idea. It means supplementing own diet with game that has been lived off and is not being pumped by toxic chemicals or antibiotics.

There are many traditional methods to do hunting such as trapping where a lot of hard work has to be done to weave off the trap to catch the animal. Another form of hunting is bow hunting which is used to hunt deer so a huge amount of food is spread on the big table. Another best method is use rifle or a short gun to target small animals like rodents and birds. It gives you a great platform to stalk as one can keep distance such animals.

Though with the advent of technology such skills have always been modified, but these skills are very special even today. They are very necessary to improve you quality of life.

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