A Beer in Review

In October of 2015 three homebrewers (and friends) decided that they were going to take a stab at opening a brewery. So we went to work and were able to make some considerable progress in 2015. Below is what we were able to accomplish in October through December as well as where we’re going in 2016!

  1. Paperwork

If you talk to any brewery founder you’ll know that it’s death by paperwork, and well it’s not really that fun. In 2015 we were able to complete the base paperwork that was needed for us to get started from a business perspective. Meaning our LLC is filed and our operating agreement is created, we still have a few more business documents to complete. By end of February at the latest we plan to have our TTB paperwork completed and ready for submission. This will give us 3–4 months to have it processed, hopefully that’s enough!

2. Location

Going to Carolina in my mind, and physically too. Yup you read it right, see you in NC — we can’t wait! Our goal was to find a place that was emerging in the beer world and was ready for a shake up. Hello Winston Salem. This city of just over a quarter million people is ready for some Belgian beers, and we can’t wait to provide them. We have 2 properties in our view and we plan on closing on one of them in January.

3. Insider info

We’ve met with about a dozen people in the biz. From brewery founders, brewmasters and beer consumers. We’ve collected SO much information on starting a brewery and we’re yearning to collect more. Frankly speaking the more information we have the better we will be. With this we also put together a strong financial plan of what we project to spend and make in our first year. We’ll be sharing numbers in a future post — let us iron them out first. :)

As for this coming year, well we’re going to work like hell to complete our paperwork, rent a space, buy our equipment and find a supplier. Luckily we used much of 2015 to realize the work that needed to get done and plan for 2016. We have all paperwork addressed, a lawyer we plan on working with as well as places where we plan to buy our equipment. Give us 6 months we will give you a brewery, or we’ll die trying!


Brandon (Co-Founder/CEO)


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