my story.

i knew from a young age i was different.

when all the other 3rd grade girls has crushes on boys and i had them on girls.

when i told my counselor my dilemma and she told me it was best to keep it to myself, and try to fix it before it became a habbit.

so i convinced myself i liked boys more than girls, so i could be normal.

and it worked for a while, until 5 grade when i met a girl who shall not be named, and practically fell in love. well, as much love as a 10 year old can fall into.

i cried myself to sleep for weeks, wondering what was so wrong with me. why did i feel like this? this isnt normal.

and then in 6th grade i met the boy who is now my best friend, and convinced myself i liked him, and cut the girl off. i just wanted to feel normal.

everyone already thought i liked him, why not go along with it? and i did for 2 years. i even dated him. but i didn’t feel right.

i knew what a lesbian was by then, i knew it was a completely normal thing. but i grew up being told it wasn’t. so i was petrified of who i was.

and in 8th grade, i met another girl. and she liked me too.

i didn’t really understand why, but she did. and i didn’t know what to do.

i was so confused, after years of convincing myself to be who i wasn’t, i was finally being shown who i actually was, was okay.

so i told her.

and for the first time in a long time, i felt so fucking happy.

only a couple other people know, people i really trust.

now im a freshman, who is still slightly confused on her sexual orientation but secretly identifies as a lesbian.

and that is fucking okay.

so this is me, introducing myself to everyone else.

my name is emily miranda day, and i am a lesbian.

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