This is Why You CAN Have Nice Things

Sometimes people are afraid to get nice sheets, blankets or other bedding because they are afraid they will end up damaging or discoloring their sheets, and that they will be out the money they spent. This isn’t that bad when they are cheap and replaceable, but might be a bigger deal when the linens are more of an investment. However, a lot of high quality linens like those found at are more durable than they seem and pretty easy to take care of, making them literal Home Treasures. Here are some tips to help you know how to take care of different types of fabrics and items to help them keep longer.

Linens and Cottons

Both linens and expensive-quality cottons have similar ways to care for them. When washing these fabrics, separate them from other fabrics and only use around half as much detergent as normal. Stick to using gentle and cold washing cycles because high heat can cause them to shrink or otherwise. This also means that putting these fabrics in the dryer isn’t recommended; although, if you’re daring, you may use the lowest setting and the fabrics ought to be fine. Air drying is almost always the best option for high quality fabrics. Don’t use harsh cleaners like bleach, as this can damage the fibers and don’t use things like softener sheets. Both cottons and linens will get softer and better over time, so don’t worry if they aren’t as soft as you like initially. Linen and good cotton Home Treasures products will get better with age and may become your favorites in a short amount of time.


You can find more than just sheets at, so continue reading to learn how to care for everything you buy. Various pillows, for example, can be quite unique, but here are some general tips. First of all, you will almost always remove the cover form the pillow when washing them. Some covers are more delicate, with sequins or beads and will require a gentle touch. Others are going to be tougher than the pillows, so you can just wash them normally while the pillows need to be hand-washed. The second general rule is pretty simple, but is surprisingly overlooked. The manufacturer’s instructions tell you exactly how to wash the pillow, so they should be checked for each pillow you have.

Don’t Worry

Home Treasures products, at, are known as high quality items for a reason and as long as you follow these fairly simple guidelines, they will last you a long time. With attention to simple care tips, you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

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