KITH NOHO — A Sleek Oasis for Kicks, Froyo and Sports Digs

I stroll around my downtown Manhattan neighborhood aimlessly a lot. Sometimes I need fresh air, sometimes I have a new Anna Faris is Unqualified podcast to chip away at, sometimes I’m really just craving a bomb fried chicken sandwich from Genuine Superette (and subsequent cocktail underground at Genuine Liquorette), but I keep finding myself get eerily drawn into the KITH space on Bleecker. Maybe it’s the mesmerizing white sneaker chandelier, the Nike swag customization station, or my childhood cravings at the build your own cereal bar. Maybe it’s what I want my fantasy walk-in closet to look like on days where I’m feeling particularly sporty-spice. Maybe I really just want a contemporary outdoor alcove to try out some shiny sunglasses and fresh hightops. Either way, a few minutes at KITH has quickly become my stress relieving escape for all of these reasons and many more.

Check it out next time your in the neighborhood: