Something unique to stay in Gujarat is probably here of your search

Since I have travelled many places solo, this time I decided to travel with my family. Many beautiful places I visited with the family and that was their memorable trip. We had a really good time. It was beautiful how we all were together after a long time. We visited Gujarat during winter when the weather is pleasant and also the chances of spotting birds is very high. We saw many exquisite looking birds. The children were very happy seeing those birds. While the weather lovely, we had the advantage of it.

Our tour itinerary was something like this:

We reached Bhopal from Bangalore and spent a day there. In Bhopal, we visited Sanchi and Bhimbetka. Sanchi is famous for its Buddhist stupa and Bhimbetka for its pre historic rock paintings.

From Bhopal we took a bus to Ahmedabad. From here our Gujarat tour started. In Ahmedabad we did the local sight-seeing and then headed for Velavadar visiting Nal Sarovar and Lothal on the way. Nal Sarovar is an ideal place for spotting flamingoes and Lothal is one of the few sites of the ancient Harappan civilization in India.

While the visit, it was very important for me to look the complete accommodation for my family to stay the days in Gujarat peacefully and comfortably. I searched for many nearby hotels and other rest places but at last I dropped at the accommodation I never thought of and it was homestay. I booked the homestay in Junagadh for the family for 1 week. It was the wonderful stay of my entire life. The host and the family treated us like their own family. We shared a very good bond with them. Cross culture and traditions was the best part from the moments. The cuisine was good in taste. Every amenity was provided to us, so I will give them 10 on 10.

Some of the best pictures of the homestay I captured

Get away from the noise and choose to spend a peaceful holiday at this homestay. Enjoy a lavish stay while you unwind amidst lush greenery and take back home fond memories created in tranquility. space.

Located near Nindradhar mountain in Gir, the small huts is a welcome relief to visitors in Junagadh.

The rustic style stay amidst lush greenery is well suited for people who are seeking to relax away from the chaos of the city. The splendor stay of this homestay huts will win your heart. Rooms are well furnished and offer you a luxurious stay as we welcome you to enjoy all the modern amenities present at the huts.

The unique and amazing single hut for your outdoor sitting

Some of our rooms offer garden view while others offer swimming pool view. Spread across vast area, the serenity offered by the stay is ideal to spend lovely time with your beloved. Well mowed lawn with dim lights on is the perfect area to add on to the charm of your cool evenings.

Wake up and listen to the chirping birds and cool winds, breathe the fresh air of the early mornings. A morning walk in the open area of the property will refresh your mind and body. Plunge into the pool to beat the heat and forget your worries, for you need to relax during your holidays. Peaceful location, modern facilities and the vast area make this homestay a nice place to come in with your family. They take care of the guests personally and do their best to make them feel comfortable. Have a memorable stay here.