I’m Not Good With Money Anymore, And I’m OK With That
Natalie San Luis

I’ve recently done a very similar thing — essentially binned my main source of income for sanity and personal projects. Life right now swings from happy inspiration to “what the f&%k have you done?!”

But I went to my doctor last week, having reduced my anxiety medication. She said I was doing brilliantly and that I looked so much better.

I said “well, yes, but I’m going to have to get used to having a lot less money,” and she just said, “well, maybe that’s the right move for you.”

That had never actually occurred to me! So correlated we are to money and happiness being directly related when it’s actually quite the opposite.

It never occurred to me that I’d be less anxious worrying about money than I was worrying about disliking my work and selling me soul…