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Sep 3, 2018 · 4 min read

A Comparative Analysis Of A Dead Cat Bounce

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Bitcoin Pharisee Roger Ver Attacking Bitcoin

I am writing this shorty simply because it is so much fun calling a play-by-play of a Mother Goose Humpty Dumpty situation. . . . you know the one . . . Humpty Dumpty had a great fall . . .

Remember, many large traders become small traders, most small traders remain small traders, a few small traders become large traders, and the wise large traders choose to become small traders again. Hopefully, I am teaching a few small traders how to become large traders. . . that is my goal.

The Grand Exthit (pronounced with a lisp and weak wrist) is slowly becoming evident to all, even to the mainstream bitcoin press. . . . and is a situation becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.

With each dead-cat bounce both the prognosticators and media plants are hyping a turnaround. . . that just ain’t happening. . .

Ignoring the technical . . . the fundamentals remain unchanged. . . Evil Eth has a plethora of large bagholders that cannot exit . . . putting a clamp on any rally.

The Fundamentals of Evil Ethereum

The Ver-Wu Bcrash has a smaller concentration of bag-holders . . . providing the ability to orchestrate sharper short term rallies . . . but with a potentially even greater disaster waiting to happen . . .

The Fundamentals of Ver-Wu bCrash

And the FOMO is no longer working . . .

Evil Ethereum Co-Founder Lubin Blaming Speculators like Ugly Old Goat for Evil Ethereum Crash

Interestingly, even former Bitcoin maximalist Chris DeRose has abandoned logical argument and joined the propaganda machine . . . deRose has abandoned valid ad hominem argument (for which he is famous!). . . and uses the improper use of ad hominem argument to attack those using valid ad hominem argument. . .According to DeRose all ad hominem arguments are now invalid . . . those who attack bCrash are trouble makers, have lost the argument, should be dismissed from dialogue. . . and Bitcoin Cash is now also Bitcoin. (By implication using the term Bitcoin core is no different than using Bcash, except it is Roger doing it. So that makes it OK. . . according to DeRose)

Former Bitcoin Maximalist Chris deRose equivocates claiming Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are both Bitcoin

Ad hominem argument is valid so long as it is true and relevant.

While Christ fed the poor, healed the sick, and showed mercy to sinners, He had no mercy for the Pharisees who preyed upon the poor and ignorant in the name of righteousness. He called the Pharisees of his day “hypocrites”, “son of hell”, “serpents”, “blind guides”, “fools”, “ whited supluchres”, “full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanliness” and “offspring of vipers”. . . all valid ad hominem argument.

Even more interesting is the description (and agreement by deRose) how so many former bitcoin companies expanded to other alt coins and ICO offerings because bitcoin is so deficient, completely ignoring the fact that these companies abandoned bitcoin in favor of scams out of shear greed fleecing the poor and ignorant with the canard of “better than bitcoin” and phony altruism of “banking for the un-banked.” Roger Ver truly believes this crap, but DeRose knows better. Shame on you Chris DeRose!

It will be interesting to see just how much Evil Eth and bCrash these companies are stuck with as bitcoin rises from the ashes to 90%+ dominance again.

The technical is validating the fundamentals. . . below are the price charts of Evil Eth and Ver-Wu bCrash.

Ver-Wu is able to rally faster and farther than Evil . . . .the reason for this is that Ver-Wu is distributed to fewer players. . . in other words the bag holders are larger and fewer and can more easily pump the price. . . which in the long run will should cause a collapse of greater magnitude. The two primary bagholders are Roger Ver and Jihan Wu from the bitcoin mining company Bitmain. Ver, Wu, and Lubin are large players, likely to become much smaller players.

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Evil Eth Price Chart Relative to Bitcoin
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Note: bCrash Price Chart Relative to Bitcoin. Notice the relative strength of bCrash compared to Evil Eth. Most likely bCrash is developing a trading range for an even more dramatic exhaustion crash since the bagholders are relative fewer and less distributed than Evil Eth bagholders

That’s all folks. Grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show!


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