NEXT BITCOIN SATURDAY NIGHT . . . Ugly Old Goat Takes a Bullet for Bitcoiners

Larysa Switlyk shoots goat and makes Birrea

After the last Bitcoin Saturday Night Kestutis, Marcela, The Goat Lady and Ugly Old Goat went out for dinner and the discussion evolved into just how we can understand bitcoin from woman’s point of view and get this into the space!

According to Bitcoin Community Engagement Gender Summary over 90% of the active bitcoin participants are men.

Being the Ugly Old Goat that I am . . . I thought this to be an easy thing to rectify . . . I simply asked The Goat Lady and Marcela to host next Bitcoin Saturday Night . . . and start asking a few prominent bitcoiners to invite their wives, girlfriends, or a female bitcoiner instrumental to their success. . . to log in and participate.

Marcela: Bitcoin Saturday Night Co-Hostess Women of Bitcoiners

What was fascinating is that every single bitcoiner responded by indicating their wife or girlfriend or female bitcoiner working behind the scenes were unavailable . . . not interested . . . or otherwise pre-occupied!

I got answers like, “My girlfriend will kill me if I asked her to go on a bitcoin show! She isn’t much of a bitcoiner, although she owns some.”

Or “Unfortunately she has to take care of our six kids.”

And, “ My wife is quite challenged logistically.”

Now you all know who you are . . . and I am not here to call you out . . . but . . .its like do not these women have a mind of their own?

From my experience they certainly do! It doesn’t work at all like my own . . . but it is functional . . . and Goat Lady was forcing me to sell bitcoin at $10,000, $12,000, $15,000 and even over $20,000+ when I really didn’t want to!

So in many ways it appears The Goat Lady is a lot smarter than this Ugly Old Goat!

The Goat Lady: Bitcoin Saturday Night Co-Hostess Women of Bitcoiners

Fellas, I know where you are coming from. . . now I did eleven years in prison . . . gone eye-ball to eyeball with Rooster, Bubba, and Nasty . . . but nothing terrifies me as much as this coming Bitcoin Saturday Night . . . Women of Bitcoiners!

Since human Bitcoiners seem emotionally challenged and can’t see their blind spot I will take a bullet for the team. . . . I am not up for this . . . but it is clear . . . my entire life has been in training for this moment. . . the Ugly Old Goat is perhaps the only one who can pull this off.

I am no longer appealing to bitcoiners . . . I tried that and see that its leads to nowhere. . . you all think what you are doing is so important . . . like a mission to save the world . . . to bring in the advent of sound money. . . . and perhaps so . . . but the way you present yourselves is . . . well . . . boorring!

And you’re all a bunch of know-it-alls. In the same way most of us “don’t get bitcoin”, not realizing your passion is simply not interesting to those on earth, you don’t get what’s really going on around bitcoin.

So this Bitcoin Saturday Night will be a meeting of aliens from Venus . . . visiting earth . . . so that the aliens of Mars can get a better understanding about what this bitcoin universe is all about.

And you know what? Over 90% of you bitcoiners need this. . . you simply do not fathom why bitcoin has not already reached critical mass . . . well, I think there are lessons to be learned from the Women of Bitcoiners . . . and I suspect their ratings will be far greater than your own!

If I am right, then we must adapt to their ways rather than expect the world to adapt to our ways!

And if I am proven correct . . . just how is this going to effect your male ego? Do we have the cohunes to listen and perhaps mend our ways . . . so our message is heard beyond the bitcoiners on Mars?

Taking a Que from the old pro Tyler Jenks I will tweet the YouTubeLink at the beginning of the show . . . and ten minutes into the show we will tweet the log-in for guests . . .

My appeal is not to the 90%+ bitcoiners who are obviously on a different planet . . . but to their fans here on earth . . .

I implore you, dear fans, retweet this and forward this article to your favorite alien bitcoiner residing on Mars. . . . so they are without excuse! . . . and demand that they forward the link to their wives, girlfriends, or other women working behind the scenes in bitcoin. . . so that their voices are heard.

Let the women of bitcoiners watch and decide for themselves . . . and demand the 90% bitcoiners provide THE WOMEN OF BITCOINERS the ability to log in if they choose.

No more excuses . . . don’t let them off the hook. . . these aliens from Mars are computer savvy . . . can disguise these women with Memes . . . a temporary email link . . . even voice scramble . . . if they want to.

They don’t want to!

Dear fans, bitcoin mass adoption cannot be left in the hand of these elitists! The monetary transition will never happen. . . we must embrace the Women of Bitcoiners and let the real bitcoin revolution begin. . .

See you Live! . . . on Bitcoin Saturday Night!


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