Ugly Old Goat
Nov 5, 2018 · 2 min read
The Death of Bitcoin Maximalist Goats and Rise of the Bitcoin Standard Bearer Goats

Ever since Giacomo Zucco hilarious dissection of bitcoin maximalism, the opponents of sound money have launched a joint and concerted effort to marginalize us by labeling us as a cult, religious fundamentalists, a danger to bitcoin, a fetish, a contradiction of the cypherpunk ethos, opposed to all currency competition. . . just to name a few.

One of my early mentors in the space was Chris DeRose. I loved watching Bitcoin Uncensored with Juneseth and Chris DeRose and they were very helpful keeping me out of scams and teaching me why bitcoin and bitcoin alone is Hayek’s Standard. (However, with that said Chris DeRose was also influential getting me into CounterParty for which he was a spokesman. Bitcoin is a learning experience . . . and you don’t learn it without making some serious mistakes along the way. )

While few are aware of Hayek’s Standard, Chris and Junseth came to a similar conclusion on their own. . . and were a huge influence on me.

So it was a sad day for me when one of my early mentors tweeted this.

DeRose concludes if everything but Bitcoin is a scam, then there would be nothing to use our Bitcoin with!

Bitcoin Maxmilism is really a non-sequitur and implies there are viable alternatives to Bitcoin. It is not a label developed within the Bitcoin community, but a label penned by Vitalik Buterin, an enemy of sound money, to vilify those who support bitcoin alone and warn against the dangerous monetary policies introduced with Ethereum.

The label was eventually embraced as a badge of honor, integrity, and distinction from the plethora of alt coin and ICO scams largely enabled by Buterin.

No more.

In the future please refer to me as a Bitcoin Standard Bearer, a new term I was just able to obtain the domain and will be developing in the future. . .

It is time those who believe in sound money define the terms and not those who oppose sound money.


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