Beginning Studio 2

I am now beginning a new trimester at university, and I am currently in Studio 2. A somewhat upgrade to Studio 1, where I made a few games in group projects.

During Studio 1, I learned a bit about myself as a game developer and what I am capable of during that trimester. I learned a lot about making do with what I can do with my time and attempt to keep on track during crunch time. I actually went out of my comfort zone and made a mobile game with peers called Crab Meat for Android devices.

In Studio 2, it appears that the first half of the projects are all individual and I can focus on making video games more of a personal and expressive experience rather than the moneymaking machines everyone wants to create. A lot of Studio 2 projects appear to be rather small, which I hope I can learn from as I would like to create a lot of smaller projects for my portfolio and it allows me to focus on more meaningful projects that express my experiences and thoughts.

I can’t say what exactly I want to get out of Studio 2, but I can say that I hope that I can grow used to using this module to grow used to expressing my beliefs and thoughts through video games in an easier manner. I have already begun at least attempting to express myself in Studio 2 with the development of ‘That’s Not My Name’.

The project itself is about being referred to as something you don’t want to be or see yourself as, despite other people ignoring or forgetting your wishes and just how that can feel. The tweet above is an early prototype of the project showing off the player movement as well as the AI, other development updates can be found on my actual twitter @_MrTigger.

In conclusion, I’m aware that I am lacking in terms of my social media presence and my capability to have a small scope on a personal project and I hope that I can get more knowledge and skills on developing smaller and more expressive projects during Studio 2.